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TrendieBingo is proud to offer the latest casino games from NetEnt, Microgaming and Stakelogic.

The rules and Paytables for each individual casino game can be found in the game interface. If you need further help please contact our helpdesk (link to /helpdesk).


At TrendieBingo we have two exciting forms of bingo game:

90 ball bingo:

With 90 balls and 3 chances to win there's always fun to be had in our many 90 ball rooms. Here at TrendieBingo we have the same great 90 ball bingo you'd find on other sites.

75 ball bingo:

If you’ve not played 75 ball bingo before then you’re in for a treat. In 75 ball bingo there are two types of games Pattern Bingo and 5 Line Bingo.

Choosing a TrendieBingo room

After logging in to your TrendieBingo account and opening the game, you can choose which room you want to play bingo in. Our room selector helps you make this decision by giving you information about each room, including the number of people in the room and the price per card in each bingo room.

You can play in up to three rooms at any time!

Buy cards and play TrendieBingo!

Once you have selected a bingo room, you can buy cards for the next round. If a game is already in progress then you can buy cards for the next round using the slider towards the bottom of your screen or by clicking the number of cards that you wish to add. During the countdown period before a round starts you can buy cards using the card buying interface on the left hand side of the screen or simply by clicking on the card(s) you wish to purchase on the main display

When the counter is on zero, a new round of bingo begins. You'll see the balls appear at the top of the screen. When a ball on your bingo card is drawn, it is automatically marked. If you are the first to complete the stipulated line, pattern or mark off all of your numbers then you will win prize displayed in the rooms. Room and Progressive Jackpots are also available, more information about these can be found in the game interface.


You may find it more convenient to repeat your card order for following bingo rounds so that you can play automatically without the need to buy cards during the countdown period, this can be done using the Auto-buy function.

Once you have bought your cards, you can mark the 'Auto-buy' box and the system will then buys the same number of cards for subsequent bingo games until you unmark the field, logout, or have insufficient funds.

Winning At TrendieBingo!

If you are the first player to complete the line(s), pattern, full house or coverall required for the current prize then you will win the indicated prize.

You don't have to claim your bingo prize manually; it is automatically added to your funds - it's that easy!

At TrendieBingo when you win a prize, your profile picture is immediately displayed to everyone.

More Information

Further information on prizes and specific game rules can be found in our bingo rooms. Simply log-in to your account and select the ‘Play Bingo’ option to load our bingo games.

If you have any further questions our Live Help team are available 7-days a week and more than happy to help. Start a chat with them by selecting the Live Help button from any page.

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