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The Bouncing Bonus game

The Bouncing Bonus game is an amazing extra game that works like a raffle. Each bingo card bought by a player represents a raffle ticket. Every so often the system randomly picks a bingo card and the lucky player that has bought the card is selected to play this exciting game. Please see below a video that shows you how the Bouncing Bonus works.

How can you see in what room the Bouncing Bonus is active?

In the Bingo Lobby (where you select the room you would like to play in) you can see in which room the Bouncing Bonus is active. Look out for the Bouncing Bonus icon that you can find in the column status. This doesn't guarantee that you can actually play the Bouncing Bonus, but your chances are higher in a room with this distinctive icon.

How to make sure you have a chance to be selected for the Bouncing Bonus

To be eligible to play the Bouncing Bonus: make sure you have bought at least 4 or more bingo cards using your balance meter for the next bingo game with your webcam active and switched on.

We must be able to see your beautiful face whenever your cam is online. The more active you are in meeting other players, the more chance you have that the system will select you to play the Bouncing Bonus game! This gives you even more of a reason to get your TrendieBingo social circle expanding daily.

How to increase your chances of playing the Bouncing Bonus

As a player you can influence the chance of the system selecting you to play the Bouncing Bonus game. The more bingo cards you buy using your balance meter, the more raffle tickets you 'own' and therefore the more chance you have to be selected.

Each bingo card represents one raffle ticket and the system collects all bingo cards for a raffle. The lucky owner of the bingo card selected by this raffle (the outcome of which is determined by an approved random number generator) gets to play the Bouncing Bonus. Therefore by buying more bingo cards using your balance meter, you increase your chances to be selected to play the Bouncing Bonus!

So in a way the Bouncing Bonus is similar to a lottery. The more lottery tickets you own the more chances you have to win it. Get buying those cards!

When is the Bouncing Bonus played?

When you are in a room where the Bouncing Bonus is active, the system may announce every so often that there will be a Bouncing Bonus game during the next bingo game. Make sure you are prepared, because before you know it you could win the Bouncing Bonus! To prepare yourself, make sure you buy as many bingo cards as possible and have your webcam switched on.

The Bouncing Bonus amount may depend on the total value of tickets purchased (by the room as a whole) for that game. The higher the card price or busier the room the higher the Bouncing Bonus value

Play and win the Bouncing Bonus game!

The Bouncing Bonus game always starts in a separate pop-up window. When you haven't been selected to play the bouncing bonus game, you can still see the selected person play the game via their webcam stream.

When you are playing the Bouncing Bonus, you will see a timer in the top left of the pop-up window. The timer shows you how much time you have to play the game. Don't let the bonus slip away, click on the Bouncing Bonus ball quickly and grab your winnings!

If you win, the Bouncing Bonus will be automatically added to your bonus meter and you can use this cash to buy more cards!

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