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200% Welcome Bonus

When you make your first deposit with Trendie Bingo, you will automatically get a whopping 200% extra to play with. Deposit €50, and you’ll get an extra €100 right away, giving you a massive €150 to play with. Yet another brilliant reason to join Trendie Bingo. The possibilities with Trendie Bingo are simply endless.

Weekly 50% Reload Bonuses

Make sure your email is valid, because we send out weekly 50% reload bonuses to our magnificent members. By using your weekly codes, you will get half of your deposit on top! Deposit €50, and receive an additional €25, giving you €75 to play with. How amazing is that? Answer? Very.

Free Loyalty Bonuses

We never forget you once you have joined us. In fact, here at Trendie Bingo, we love nothing more than rewarding you. Thanks to our fantastic loyalty scheme, unique XP points and Gold Coins system, you can rise quickly up the levels. Each level has bigger rewards, giving you even more reason to play at Trendie Bingo regularly. Visit our TrendieBingo Loyalty Page to find out how to start your momentous climb.

The Bouncing Bonus

Test your reactions with our unique bouncing bonus game, which allows our players to win big bonuses at the click of a button. How fast are your fingers? For more information click here

15% Extra for your Live Win Moment

We love to see our winners celebrating, which is why we give our webcam players 15% extra on top of their full house prize in selected jackpot rooms. This is added to the meter in which tickets were purchased from in return for their Live Win Moment, just click the option that allows us to use your video for promotional purposes to receive your reward instantly! Further T&C's apply.

Bonus Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a bonus?

Our welcome 200% bonus is automatically credited when you make your qualifying deposit. You don’t have to do anything, other than make your first deposit. Other bonuses are redeemed via bonus codes. You can view your available bonus codes at any time on your deposit page.

What are the rules/conditions of your bonuses?

Bonuses given are classified as either Type 1 (deposit and reload) or Type 2 (free bonus). Each type has its own rules/conditions. For full information please view our bonus terms and conditions.

How do I use my bonus funds?

You can use your bonus funds to buy bingo cards only. Your balance funds are always used first and you will begin to use your bonus funds automatically when your balance meter is 0. Type 1 bonus is always played before Type 2.

Can I withdraw an unlocked bonus?

Yes, if you unlock a bonus you can request a withdrawal for these funds. Our minimum withdrawal is €25 If you have never deposited yet you will need to make a deposit via a refundable source (Visa Debit card, Skrill or Neteller) so we can complete your withdrawal. After you have made a deposit, we will send you a withdrawal containing the full amount from your balance meter.

Can I withdraw from my bonus meter?

You cannot withdraw from your bonus meter; you can only withdraw from your balance meter. However, once you have unlocked your bonus through meeting the wagering requirements, the entire bonus amount and any winnings associated will be automatically transferred to your balance where it can be withdrawn immediately.

What is meant by the term 'wagering requirements'?

The 'wagering requirement' is the amount that needs to be staked (bet) before a bonus is unlocked and transferred to your cash balance, where it is available for withdrawal. The wagering requirement is typically with 6, 10, & 20 times the original bonus amount, depending on the bonus type.

Why are my winnings going back to my bonus meter?

Whilst you are wagering towards unlocking your bonus, any winnings are credited back to your bonus meter. When you have met your wagering requirements your original bonus amount and any associated winnings are transferred to your balance meter. Winnings are always like for like, so if your stake is from bonus, your winnings will go back to bonus.

What is a Type 1 ‘Welcome & deposit’ bonus?

Type 1 bonuses consist of our 200% first deposit and our weekly reload bonuses, as well as all other deposit related bonuses.

What are the wagering requirements for Type 1 ‘Welcome & Deposit' bonuses?

Type 1 bonuses need to be wagered 6 times in their entirety in order to be transferred to your balance meter.

How are Type 1 ‘Welcome & deposit’ bonuses added to my account?

Our welcome bonus of 200% is added automatically when you make your qualifying deposit. Other Type1 bonuses, such as our weekly reload bonuses sent by newsletter, will require a code to be redeemed, at time of depositing €10+.

Do I need to meet wagering requirements before I can withdraw from my balance meter?

No, you can always withdraw the full amount in your balance meter, providing you meet the minimum withdrawal requirement of €25.

If I withdraw my balance will I lose my bonus?

Any active Type 1 bonuses expire and will be considered forfeited upon payout of your balance meter. Any Type 2 will remain in your account when a withdrawal is requested. You will be notified of this whilst auctioning your withdrawal.

What happens when I win having bought cards using the balance and bonus meters combined?

When cards are bought using the balance and bonus meters combined, any winnings are returned using the same ratio by which the cards were purchased. For example, if you purchase 9 cards using your bonus balance and 1 card using cash balance then 90% of any winnings will be returned to your bonus meter, and 10% will return to your cash balance.

Where can I see how much I have wagered so far?

Using our ‘Bonus Overview’ page you can easily track your progress in unlocking bonuses.

What is a Type 2 ‘Free’ bonus?

Type 2 bonuses are all other free bonuses, which do not require a deposit to be redeemed. For example, our free €5, goodwill bonuses, bonuses from chat game wins, bonuses exchanged for Gold Coins via our shop, and free bonus codes advertised via our newsletter.

What are the wagering requirements for Type 2 ‘Free' bonuses?

Type 2 bonuses need to be wagered 10, or 20 times in their entirety, in order to be transferred to your balance meter. The first €5 free needs to be wagered 20 times and all the other free bonuses 10 times.

Do bonuses expire?

Yes, bonuses carry an expiry date for redemption and use. The expiry date for redemption will be published on promotion of the code and on the ‘available bonus codes’ section of the deposit page. Once redeemed, the bonus is then given an expiry date by which time it must be used. Type 1 (deposit) bonuses have an expiry date of 4 weeks from redemption. Type 2 (free bonuses) also have an expiry date of 4 weeks from redemption. The individual expiry date for each bonus will be published on the ‘Bonus Overview’ section of the website. If a bonus is not fully wagered by the expiry date then it is forfeited along with any associated winnings.

I have another question regarding bonuses

For further information please refer to our Helpdesk.

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